Welcome (To Both You and Me)

How about I start with a little about myself:

I’m an early 20-something about to move to a big city and finish off my Bachelor’s Degree at a renowned national university (hooray for me).

I also happen to be flat broke.

This blog will be a place I share tips and tricks on how not to lose your mind over money in college. Obviously part of most people’s college experience is money-centric, but I am striving to alleviate some of the stress that comes with it.

My goal is to not have to entertain a job while in school. I want to dedicate the bulk of my time and effort to achieving good grades, but I still need to bring some money in.

I’ll look at ways to bring in some cash to help with everyday expenses that aren’t hard and that don’t require a huge time commitment, balanced with college lifestyle ideas.

Here’s to all other young, marvelous, and broke college kids!


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