D.I.Y. – Repurposed Vase

Oh hey! I didn’t see you there. I was too busy admiring my new painted vase. 🙂


     I was just cleaning out and organizing my closet when two vases like these tumbled out.

First thought: Wow, I’m lucky they didn’t break and get glass shards stuck in my carpet.

Second thought: I don’t know that I’ll ever use these again, I should chuck them. 

Third thought: I can’t afford to be wasteful! Let’s get creative! (aka. DIY)    

Like I mentioned in my Craigslist post, doing things yourself can be time-saving, money-saving, or even profitable. This one falls into the money-saving category. This is a darned easy way to decorate or update a boring vase. Most of us have old unused vases sitting around or you can get them cheaply from a dollar store or Goodwill.



  • Old boring vase
  • paint (I had an unused Valspar sample in Quail’s Egg)
  • Windex and Paper Towels
  • Old newspaper


First: Make sure the vase is squeaky clean. Any dirt or dust on it will affect how the paint adheres. I used a generous amount of Windex after washing with soapy warm water.

Second: Set out newspaper in your work area. I’m messy so I was really vigilant about this.

Third: Pour a little of the paint straight into the vase and rotate to make sure everything is covered. Mine is a weird shape with a roped texture so I was careful to get every nook coated with paint.

Fourth: Turn it over onto the newspaper and let it dry for a few hours.


     See? 4 easy steps! And it turned out pretty well. As a tip, keep the Windex around even after you clean the vase. I got paint on my finger, then on the outside of my vase. I used wWndex to quick clean it up before the paint set. I also used Windex to neaten up the mouth of the vase as needed.

Here’s the “I’m a slob” blooper. I spilled paint while moving the jar and got some on my hands.


So, moral of the story is that I transformed an old unused vase into a neat q-tip/cotton ball holder or a nice desktop paper clip or pen and pencil organizer or even a decorative item for a shelving unit or table. I used materials lying around the house so the project cost was $0 AND I recycled. Boom.

Have you ever unearthed something in your house you reused?

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