Back to School: Pimp Your Dorm with Washi Tape!

Have you guys heard of this AMAZING substance? It’s a Japanese somewhat translucent, decorative, paper tape.

Washi Tapes

Say “Goodbye” to free time…

It’s really easy to slap this pretty tape on any surface and reposition it whenever you want. It also just so happens to be a really affordable way to decorate and personalize your dorm room, laptop, cords, desk organizers, pens, candles, cups, etc. I smell possibilities!

We all want to have our own unique space that reflects and inspires us. So why not do that on the cheap with Washi tape? I’ve been doing some research and have found hundreds upon hundreds of Washi tape ideas. I came across an idea on Pinterest to place this lovely tape on some keyboard keys. Because Washi tape is somewhat transparent, you can still see the letters on the keys. Brilliant!

Washi Tape Keyboard

I’m kinda getting excited here, are you?

Would you like some Washi tape inspiration?

Click this link or this one to see many great and inventive uses for the greatest thing since sliced bread.

‘Til next time, stay saving, my friends.



P.S. You can find a plethora of Washi Tape on

P.S.S. Find ideas like these and more on my FlatBrokeDorm Pinterest board! : D


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