Holy Hiatus Batman!!

   So I dusted the cobwebs off my poor, lonely, neglected laptop and hopped on over to FlatBrokeCoed.com for the first time in a while and realized, “Dang, I haven’t really been here in a while have I?” Yeesh… Sorry about that, guys!

   So, you might be wondering why, exactly, I took an unannounced hiatus from mid-August to now. Here’s a run-down of my reasons why I had to shift my attention elsewhere (regrettably enough) for the past 2 months:

  • I moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia.
  • I transferred schools and started classes at my new university.
  • I had the flu and bronchitis concurrently (it REALLY sucked).
  • It’s believed that my asthma may have been a contributing factor to my slow recovery (it took about 4-5 weeks to fully heal) so I have been gingerly starting a cardio regimen of sorts to cope with my asthma.
  • The house I have been staying at has been under construction for the past 5 or so weeks for a bathroom addition.
  • The first few weeks I have been down in Virginia, I was taking the Washington D.C. metro to school. It was at least 3 hours round-trip each day. It was a total time suck.
  • I returned to Pennsylvania one weekend and drove my car down. Now it’s only a half hour each way to commute to school.
  • I was in an auto accident. I was commuting home and was rear-ended by someone who wasn’t paying attention. My car is okay. It’s an older model and the bumper was already ugly anyway.
  • I had neck and upper back pain and stiffness for a few days because of the accident.


   And there you have it! Insight into my life for the past 2 months. It’s been an interesting mix of victories (exciting new school, new friends, new bathroom) and not-so-victorious moments (illness, asthma, car accident, long commute). But I’m back now and I’ve got a lot to talk about.



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