The 15 Best Things About Thanksgiving Break (In College)

Thanksgiving Break

In the spirit of being thankful, I’ve decided to create a little list: The 15 Best Things About Thanksgiving Break (In College)! Whoever decided we should have a food-themed break before finals is a genius.

  1. No classes! (Obviously)
  2. Reuniting with friends and family back home.
  3. Fawning over your pet. You no longer have to rely on begging your family for photos.
  4. Food. Lots of food. So much food.
  5. Sleeping on a comfortable bed. (Take THAT, dorms!)
  6. Willfully forgetting that you have finals as soon as you go back to school. (If I can’t see them, they can’t see me…)
  7. Being able to whittle down your enormous pile of dirty laundry.
  8. Seeming really intelligent to your parents because you can ramble on about your super interesting bioethics course.
  9. Drinking coffee/tea in the morning, not because you need it, but just to enjoy it. (People do that?)
  10. Being a kid again. Make as many forts, play as many video games, watch as many cartoons as your little heart desires.
  11. Black Friday/ Small Business Saturday/ Cyber Monday plotting. (You know who you are)
  12. Being forced to stop and consider all you have to be thankful for, instead of complaining about how annoying your suite-mates’ Swedish pop music habit is or how annoying it is that your professor takes 3 weeks to hand back a graded assignment.
  13. Playing in the leaves without being judged.
  14. The best nap of your life. (Thanks, food coma!)
  15. Finally, and possibly most importantly, love. (Awww)

Thanks to my Facebook friends for some inspiration for this list of things we can all be thankful for.

What do you love about Thanksgiving break? Comment below!



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