Fallen Off The Resolution Train? Get Back On!

If you’re like me, as New Year’s Eve crept closer, you went through a classic resolution conundrum. Do I bother to make a New Year’s resolution? What’s a worthwhile one to make? How do I (consistently) stick to it? And after all the back and forth with yourself, you bite the bullet and commit to something to better yourself or your life. For some, it could be as simple as, “I’ll watch only an hour of Netflix per day,” or “I’ll think more positive thoughts about myself” or even something as aspirational as “I’ll run my first marathon this year.”

But whether your resolution was a baby step or a giant leap of faith, regardless of your drive to achieve your goals, we all may hit a point where it seems like our resolution is simply out of reach. We aren’t hitting our mini-goals we’ve set along the way, if we set any, or we maybe we are just getting a little bored. I’ve been there. The end of January into the beginning of February is the time when I start hearing about people berating themselves for falling off the (mostly fitness/health themed) bandwagon and assuming their New Year’s resolution was once again a failure.

FACT: The Oxford English Dictionary defines a resolution (noun) as 1) the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.

CONCLUSION: By definition, undertaking a New Year’s resolution means you are agreeing to tackle a problem you have. If you hit a snafu somewhere along the way, it’s to be expected. That just means your problem or resolution isn’t solved yet. It’s a journey, not a one-and-done victory or failure.

Do you think once Einstein was determined to solidify his Theory of Relativity, that he did so in a few weeks? Um, no, actually, it took him seven years.

Whatever you’ve pledged yourself to do this year, I know you can achieve it. I don’t think anyone out there makes a resolution they know will fail right out of the gate. You made these goals because you know you have the ability to achieve them.

If you’re really stuck in your resolution, ask a friend for outside opinion, or seek out ways to tackle your problem from a different angle. Guys, we’re 21 days into the New Year. It’s only just begun. You still have a lot of 2014 to live and a lot of time to complete your goals. Cut yourselves some slack.


The Longest Conclusion Writer In History

AKA FlatBrokeCoed

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2 thoughts on “Fallen Off The Resolution Train? Get Back On!

  1. Love this! Very well-written. I think it’s important to remind ourselves in this “instant gratification” culture that sometimes we need some patience to see results, especially with ourselves.

    • That’s exactly why I wrote this. I was bouncing around other blogs today and was annoyed to see loads of people just accept what seemed to be inevitable failure. It’s important to view a snafu as a time of reflection rather than a loss.

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