Far From Normal

Many of us think that our lives are exceedingly normal. Boring, even. We think there is nothing extraordinary the ebb and flow of our days, our routines, where we go, or what we do.

Don’t get caught in that trap!

Whether you’re in the workforce or if you are a full-time student, it is important to stand back and objectively look at the unique and interesting things in your life, lest you fall into the depressing grip of what you assume is monotony.

After doing just that, I thought I would share 5 things about my life that are worth noting.

1)      After completing my degree at George Mason University, I will be the first person in my immediate and extended families with a bachelor’s degree.

2)      I stopped growing taller in the 6th grade at 5 feet, 1.5 inches. That was the last time in my life I was one of the tallest kids in class.

3)      My first car was a white 1997 Geo Metro. I could rarely get it to go above 50 mph on the highway. If there was another person in the car, I would have to turn off the AC to accelerate at an acceptable pace. My car had an ugly hood, so my dad put a LeBra on it (google it). My car almost made worst car in my senior yearbook. I got beaten by a girl with a creeper van.

4)      While most may not guess by looking at me, I like video games. I used to play World of Warcraft when the monthly fee was feasible. I play Diablo 3 and am looking forward to the new expansion next month. I also currently like Zelda Windwaker HD for the Wii U.

5)      I’m published. I have an article published on Lifehack.org and I am currently working on two new articles that will likely be published within the next two weeks.

While these things may not seem significant because I am exposed to them all of the time, these factoids might seem really interesting to other people. That’s the key takeaway. Everyone is interesting. Everyone has a story. Don’t ever think that you’re just a sheep in the herd. You are your own person and are someone to be celebrated. Take time to recognize what sets you apart, and work it.



P.S. What sets you apart from others? Comment below!


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