Taking Stock

It’s the first official day of my spring break, so I think it is time to look around and appreciate what I have. It’s time to reflect and take notice of the things I may normally miss during the busy school week.

Making: A spring cleaning to-do list

Cooking: A lot of healthful-veggie filled meals. The boyfriend and I are striving to be healthier.

Drinking: A cafe americano at my favorite bakery/coffee shop. Mmmm.

Reading: The Hobbit, just like I said I would.

Wanting: To start planting herb and vegetable seeds.

Looking: Forward to having time to spend with my significant other this week.

Playing: Diablo III, Patch 2.0 in preparation for the Reaper of Souls expansion in a few weeks! I can’t wait!

Wasting: No time this week. I shall use every minute to the fullest. I’ll relax and be productive to the best of my ability.

Wishing: That the new poodle puppy would be old enough to bring home already!

Enjoying: A leisurely Monday afternoon in a coffee shop, eating, sipping, and people watching. (Sounds a lot better than “creeping”)

Waiting: for the time later in the day when I am unleashed upon Trader Joe’s.

Liking: listening to my favorite music on my computer through Spotify.

Wondering: How the crisis in Crimea will play out. I’m hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

Hoping: that my sniffles are just allergies.

Marveling: at all of the blogging challenges available. Should I even do one?

Needing: A haircut in the worst way. I’ve just poorly pretended that my split ends don’t exist.

Smelling: freshly brewed coffee and espresso, pastries, wood furniture, and my perfume.

Wearing: Dark wash jeans, brown boots, and a red long-sleeve scoop-neck t-shirt.

Noticing: What a weekend of not exercising and food indulgence can do to my energy levels.

Knowing: I have homework to do during spring break but I would much rather blog instead.

Thinking: My laptop seems to be the only one in this coffee shop without a neat skin, case, or sticker on it.

Bookmarking: This yummy Stir-Fried Shrimp with Spicy Orange Sauce I made last night. Mm.

Opening: My Netflix app on my boyfriend’s Xbox and hoping I never have to close it again.

Giggling: At my near-ridiculous addiction to silly Buzzfeed quizzes

Feeling: caffeinated and ready to tackle the week.

Inspired by Keira’s post on A Pretty Penny.


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock

    • Thanks! Having seen the movie first, it’s been fun to see how much the book differs from it. I can’t help but imagine Martin Freeman as Bilbo while I’m reading along.
      Even when I have more healthful breakfasts, like a smoothie and a piece of toast, my body feels so much better and cleaner.

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