About Me

So you wanna know about me? My ego is now stroked, so thanks for that.

showing off my new haircut

Oh hey! It’s me!

My name is Courtney. I’m a 22 student going to school at George Mason University [Go Patriots!] with a major in Nursing (RN).

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania (the home of water ice, funnel cake, soft pretzels, and the Amish). I went to one of the best public schools in the state Owen J. Roberts High School, home of the wildcats. Thanks to my Pennsylvania up-bringing, I am a master at navigating potholes and horse-drawn buggies while driving.

I started a blog to connect with fellow broke coeds and share tips about not going nuts from money concerns while making the most of the college lifestyle. That means having fun, watching tons of Netflix, fitting in studying, and getting the best bang for my buck.

What I love: Books, my Kindle Fire HD, my mini dachshund (their shape is hilarious), cooking, Netflix, Dr. Who, Supernatural, Spotify, Netflix (it’s listed twice for a reason),  Diablo 3, the smell of books, Sherlock, trying to be healthy, and firepits.

NOTE: FlatBrokeCoed is currently open to sponsorship by brands and products that would genuinely interest me and my readers. I am also open to product and book reviews. I love testing and reviewing products, and I feel it is a great way to bring products, brands, books, etc that I enjoy to my readership. I am always honest, and I always note that an item was courtesy of a particular person or business. If you or your company have any products or services you would like me to review, please email me at flatbrokecoed@gmail.com and I will be happy to speak with you.

I am also open to collaborations. Please email me with any collaboration pitches.


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