I’ve never expressly mentioned it before, but I am to WordPress blogs what your ex is to your Facebook page. I’m a blogging creeper. I love sift through pages and pages of impassioned wordplay, inspired photography, and impressive D.I.Y. goodness.

I endeavor to save you the time spent combing the depths of WordPress (unless that’s your thing) by bringing you blogs that I read and love.

The Bryonic Man – This blogger is quite possibly the sassiest, quirkiest satirist on the web right now.

HarsH ReaLiTy – An all around excellent opinion blog. Jason blogs near daily and will respond to your comments almost immediately.

Broke for Beauty– Run by Colleen, this beauty blog hosts a ton of seasonal beauty musings, reviews, how-to posts and dupe suggestions.

Catherine, Caffeinated– The blog of self-published author Catherine Ryan Howard. Besides sharing a love for writing, we also share a love for caffeine.

A Pretty Penny– Keira runs this blog, and a flower shop with her husband in Florida. She blogs about flowers, beauty, and fashion.

A Thought and a Half– Okay, so this isn’t a WordPress blog. You caught me. But it’s written by my high school friend Kate. We share a similar love for coffee and writing. We also share similar ambivalent feelings about leggings.

MADE + remade– An addictive-to-browse DIY Network blog about all things creative, upcycling, and DIY.

I’m always looking to add to my blog link connection! If you think I’ve missed you, don’t worry. Comment below. If I like your stuff, I’ll feature your blog here.



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