58 Ways to Entertain Yourself At Home or In Your Dorm

This list is inspired by days when you’re cooped up in the house, like the day I’ll likely have tomorrow when class is cancelled by Winter Storm Pax.


I just HAD to use a Supernatural GIF

  1. Read a new book.
  2. Reread an old book.
  3. Watch YouTube tutorials.
  4. Watch YouTube animal videos.
  5. Watch music videos on YouTube or on Vevo.
  6. Watch something on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.
  7. Watch old DVDs you have around the house.
  8. Exercise
  9. Play music and host a rockin’ one person dance party.
  10. Write reviews for your Amazon purchases (it’s oddly addictive).
  11. Write a poem.
  12. Create a blog (Hi!).
  13. Draw, if you’re artistically inclined.
  14. Take a bubble bath or therapeutic Epsom salt bath.
  15. Skype or FaceTime with someone you don’t normally see.
  16. Start an Instagram or Twitter account for your pet.
  17. Make a toy/treat for your pet and feed/play with them.
  18. Turn to Pinterest for upcycling ideas for everyday household items.
  19. Turn to Pinterest for fun DIY/craft ideas.
  20. Make a new Pinterest pinboard and PIN ALL THE THINGS.
  21. Dust off the ol’ 52 card deck and play Go Fish, Spoons, War, etc.
  22. Start writing that novel!
  23. Learn how to Photoshop pictures with tons of free online tutorials. (Google them!)
  24. Explore your phone’s or tablet’s app store and take advantage of interesting free apps.
  25. Try out a new cocktail recipe!
  26. Bake cookies!
  27. Make your own nut butter.
  28. Make your own pesto.
  29. Play your favorite video game.
  30. Find fun, new, interesting, or healthy recipes online and bookmark them for later.
  31. Organize the items in your beauty routine (I’m talking ‘bout those bottles under your sink).
  32. Make a collage with magazines and newspapers lying around the house.
  33. Post restaurant reviews on Yelp.
  34. Give yourself a facial or other skin care treatment (Hello, pore strips!)
  35. Write and post a fan fiction piece (Hey, it doesn’t have to be dirty. But that’s cool if it is).
  36. If you know an instrument, play it.
  37. Take pictures in and around your house.
  38. Take a nap.
  39. Do or get ahead on your homework. I can hear people laughing at this suggestion as I type it.
  40. Have a naked party. Seriously, if you’re alone, it may be fun. Get to know yourself.
  41. Break out your labeler and go nuts labeling things.
  42. Give yourself a manicure or a pedicure. Cuticles, trimming, buffing, soaking. The whole nine yards.
  43. Make a sock puppet.
  44. Go window shopping online.
  45. Call or text your friends.
  46. Have a “Most Ridiculous Snapchat” contest with your friends.
  47. Find a new computer desktop picture.
  48. Brew and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.
  49. Do one of those newspaper crosswords or sudokus.
  50. Research and start a new hobby. Coding, anyone?
  51. Do something positive financially, like open an online savings account, or a Mint account.
  52. Run diagnostic, cleanup, and maintenance tasks on your computer.
  53. Clean fingerprints and dust off of your tv, computers, phones, tablets, etc.
  54. Do some laundry. We all know you probably ought to.
  55. Collect nonperishable foods and clothes you no longer want for donation.
  56. Meditate.
  57. Take online quizzes. Because we all need to know which Sailor Moon character we are.
  58. Take online surveys for rewards. Swagbucks is a great place to do so.

Here’s just a small list to get you started. Is there anything interesting you like to do to entertain yourself at home? Tell me about it below!

‘Til Next Time…Stay Entertained, Interwebs!



Budget Bytes – My New Favorite Budget Recipe Resource

Hola, fellow FlatBrok-ers! (I’m trying out a different greeting. How is it going over?)

Since the new year, I have been able to stick to my resolution of working out at least 3 days a week (yay me!) and have mostly been able to keep up with eating in a healthful way. It’s likely we all slip off the bandwagon. Maybe it’s because some healthy foods seem inconvenient or maybe you think you can’t eat healthy on a budget.

Well these are valid excuses no more!

About a week and a half ago I stumbled upon a wonderful blog run by a lovely lady named Beth. That blog is Budget Bytes. And let me tell you, it was love at first click.

The site is chock full of very well organized recipes for every craving. You want budget breakfast recipes? Beth’s got ’em. Indian dishes? Beth’s got ’em. Vegetarian and vegan recipes? She has them too.

And what sets this blog ahead of other frugal blogs is the fact that she breaks down the price of every ingredient, each serving, as well as the entire recipe! Budget Bytes is focused filling, healthful, (and lately sriracha-coated) budget recipes, which is great since the boyfriend and I are trying to eat a diverse yet healthy and satisfying diet. I guess we’re picky like that.

If you want a more healthful diet than the stuff that you buy at the college food court (hello, sodium and cholesterol) then check this website out. To get you started, check out my favorite recipe: the Honey Sriracha Chicken Thighs. The boyfriend even called them “badass”.


Til next time!


Back to School: Pimp Your Dorm with Washi Tape!

Have you guys heard of this AMAZING substance? It’s a Japanese somewhat translucent, decorative, paper tape.

Washi Tapes

Say “Goodbye” to free time…

It’s really easy to slap this pretty tape on any surface and reposition it whenever you want. It also just so happens to be a really affordable way to decorate and personalize your dorm room, laptop, cords, desk organizers, pens, candles, cups, etc. I smell possibilities!

We all want to have our own unique space that reflects and inspires us. So why not do that on the cheap with Washi tape? I’ve been doing some research and have found hundreds upon hundreds of Washi tape ideas. I came across an idea on Pinterest to place this lovely tape on some keyboard keys. Because Washi tape is somewhat transparent, you can still see the letters on the keys. Brilliant!

Washi Tape Keyboard

I’m kinda getting excited here, are you?

Would you like some Washi tape inspiration?

Click this link or this one to see many great and inventive uses for the greatest thing since sliced bread.

‘Til next time, stay saving, my friends.



P.S. You can find a plethora of Washi Tape on Amazon.com.

P.S.S. Find ideas like these and more on my FlatBrokeDorm Pinterest board! : D

Back to School with FlatBrokeCoed

Do you hear what I hear? It’s the sound of millions of students and their families readying themselves for the back to school/ back to college season, and it sounds like wallets emptying.

Although August can be a great time to stock up on office supplies, school supplies, dorm furniture, and your back to school/ Fall season wardrobe, there are still a lot of tricks retailers use to try to get you to spend more than you have to on items you weren’t planning for.

That’s where I come in! You’re welcome in advance.

Throughout August, I’ll be doing a Back to School series about how to save money on all of the expenditures you and your family are sure to have, as well as share some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of shopping at some popular retailers.

To start off your BTS inspiration, follow me on Pinterest at @flatbrokecoed! I’ve already added and am continuing to add loads of money saving ideas and inspiration! I’m currently loving my new FlatBrokeDorm board, where I post low-cost and DIY dorm decorating and organization ideas.

Happy Pinning!

‘Til next time, keep saving and pinning, my friends.



DIY: The Shore Edition!

Hey guys! I’m continuing with the vacation/shore theme with this awesome DIY gift using SAND. Be sure to pick some up and head here for the recipe for this amazing sand foot scrub!

Image Source: HGTV.com

Image Source: HGTV.com

It makes a great gift and the sand is free! Just scoop some up while on vacation and bring it home. Be sure to go sea shell collecting too for a fun jar decoration! (Seriously, sea shell collecting is addictive).

NOTE: You can do without the powdered kelp and seaweed. It’s a nice touch, but not a necessary one. Stick with the sea salt, sand, olive oil and essential oils and you’ll be fine.

Know any other shore-inspired DIY? Tell me about it in the comments!


D.I.Y- Personalized Keys

Howdy! Here I go again with some good ol’ fashioned D.I.Y.!

I believe in D.I.Y. with a purpose like re-imagining things around the house, making something you have better, or saving money. So when my dad changed the locks on the front door and plopped down an ugly, plain key for me on the kitchen table, I knew I had to un-ugly it right away. For the record, he normally has our house keys decorated for the family at Lowe’s. This time he didn’t and his explanation was, “C’mon guys, it costs $3 a key!” I guess I can’t blame him. Apparently good money-management runs in the family.

I decided to go off of something I saw on michellephan.com and put all of my nail polish to good use. It’s very pretty and very simple.

diy key preview

Doing it DIY

Doing it DIY

What You’ll Need:

  • 1-2 colored nail polishes (I chose Essie in Mint Candy Apple and E.L.F. nail polish from a 3-piece set called Vacation Trio)
  • 1 clear coat or top coat nail polish
  • An ugly key that needs pretty-ing


  1. I chose to do one color polish on one side and a different on the other side. Regardless, start by painting one side, making sure ONLY to paint the top part of the key. Painting the bottom could make the key not work correctly. Paint one coat and let dry completely. Paint a second coat and let dry completely.Purple Side of Key
  2. Now go ahead and paint the other side. Make sure to apply two coats (same as the first side) and make sure you let your key dry completely between each coat. I applied 3 coats to the blue side to try to hide the raised Lowe’s markings. I think I did alright. See below.Blue side of key
  3. Now, just like a manicure, apply a coat or two of clear polish to protect your key and prevent scratches. For this step I chose to use Rimmel Base Coat Top Coat Pro. Applying clear coatAnd you’re done! Admire your work!


Obviously you can go crazy with your color choices. Go with neon colors or maybe try some glitter! Just make sure to seal with a top coat every time. I also did my boyfriend’s key in a more masculine black color. You could also go with hunter green or navy blue or even red if you’re decorating a key for a guy. It doesn’t have to be in-your-face girly.

Do you guys have any other creative uses for nail polish? Leave a comment below!

‘Til next time, stay saving, my friends.

Signed, FlatBrokeCoed

D.I.Y. – Repurposed Vase

Oh hey! I didn’t see you there. I was too busy admiring my new painted vase. 🙂


     I was just cleaning out and organizing my closet when two vases like these tumbled out.

First thought: Wow, I’m lucky they didn’t break and get glass shards stuck in my carpet.

Second thought: I don’t know that I’ll ever use these again, I should chuck them. 

Third thought: I can’t afford to be wasteful! Let’s get creative! (aka. DIY)    

Like I mentioned in my Craigslist post, doing things yourself can be time-saving, money-saving, or even profitable. This one falls into the money-saving category. This is a darned easy way to decorate or update a boring vase. Most of us have old unused vases sitting around or you can get them cheaply from a dollar store or Goodwill.



  • Old boring vase
  • paint (I had an unused Valspar sample in Quail’s Egg)
  • Windex and Paper Towels
  • Old newspaper


First: Make sure the vase is squeaky clean. Any dirt or dust on it will affect how the paint adheres. I used a generous amount of Windex after washing with soapy warm water.

Second: Set out newspaper in your work area. I’m messy so I was really vigilant about this.

Third: Pour a little of the paint straight into the vase and rotate to make sure everything is covered. Mine is a weird shape with a roped texture so I was careful to get every nook coated with paint.

Fourth: Turn it over onto the newspaper and let it dry for a few hours.


     See? 4 easy steps! And it turned out pretty well. As a tip, keep the Windex around even after you clean the vase. I got paint on my finger, then on the outside of my vase. I used wWndex to quick clean it up before the paint set. I also used Windex to neaten up the mouth of the vase as needed.

Here’s the “I’m a slob” blooper. I spilled paint while moving the jar and got some on my hands.


So, moral of the story is that I transformed an old unused vase into a neat q-tip/cotton ball holder or a nice desktop paper clip or pen and pencil organizer or even a decorative item for a shelving unit or table. I used materials lying around the house so the project cost was $0 AND I recycled. Boom.

Have you ever unearthed something in your house you reused?

Leave a comment below! Follow me on twitter at twitter.com/flatbrokecoed or email me at flatbrokecoed@gmail.com!