Music Monday 3/10

And I’m back for my second installment of Music Monday!

Whoa, two posts in one day? Well it is spring break and I am in college, so I’m allowed to get a little crazy.

This week’s theme: Songs I’d Listen To On a Sunny Day With the Windows Rolled Down

I think that a lot of upbeat country music is made for blasting in your car. Most songs by Gavin DeGraw fall pretty well into that category. It’s a perfect song to bob your head along to. You’ll be the only person having fun in traffic if this is on your radio.

This song requires no explanation.

This song played all the time on the store soundtrack at one retail outlet I was employed at. It grew on me, and now I love this song for warm weather fuzzy feelings.

Are there any songs you guys just can’t help but blast on a day with beautiful weather?




Music Monday

Hola, amigos!

I’ve been pontificating- should I do a running post on my blog or should I let my posts flow organically? If I even do such a post, what should it be? What day of the week? How often? It seemed like a pain in the butt.

But here I am! I’ve finally found something I won’t get bored of posting- MUSIC!

Welcome to my new post series: Music Mondays. There will be at least two Music Mondays a month, and each will contain at least two songs. The theme will vary, such as favorite 80s rock tracks, current workout songs or maybe songs I listen to while cleaning, etc.

With that being said: let’s get to the music!

This week’s theme: 1950s Inspiration

Here is Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox’s cover of Ke$ha and Pitbull’s “Timber”. Warning: It will get stuck in your head.


Here is “Istanbul” by The Four Lads. I first heard this during an episode of “Raising Hope”. It’s a delightfully addictive piece of 50’s ear candy. Some of you may be familiar with the cover done by They Might Be Giants, but this is the original.


Lastly, here’s a song my parents got me hooked on. It’s an 80’s band (The Stray Cats) making 50’s inspired songs. YES Y’ALL.


What do you guys think of Music Mondays? Are there any themes you would like to see? Comment below!