Crazy Week- Check In

*cricket* *cricket*

ECHO! Echo! echo!

What the above jokes are trying to tell you is that I have not posted in 10 days. I’m not going to start this post out with awkward apologies. I will say, though, that we can all thank a new part time job, a snow day, and my car’s rapid approach to death for the gap. In short, it has been a crazy week. I’m sure you all are familiar with that kind.

Thankfully, after a week of the new job under my belt, I have a better handle on how to manage my time. My father was also kind enough to drive from Pennsylvania to Virginia to bring my newer car (purchased with my money, by the way. I’m no freeloader) and drive my old one back.

As for snow days, it looks like the D.C. area might get some snow this week. That’s outrageous. It’s officially spring now.

Anyhow, I felt that I should touch upon the gap in posts before I get back into more nitty-gritty type of stuff.

Fret not, child. Cuz Courtney’s back.



Another Lifehack Article Posted Today

I had my second article published today, with a second one to come in a few weeks. 🙂

For those of you who don’t know what Lifehack is, it’s a website with a handful of contributors like myself who apply, submit writing samples, and have to be accepted by their staff in order to write for them. Their articles are tips, tricks, and how-tos (lifehacks) that aim to make life as frictionless as possible.

Once you’re a contributor, you must submit your article pitch, have it accepted, write the article while meeting a host of article standards, submit it for review, have a lifehack editor send it back with suggestions, then edit and publish it. Whew, it’s a small process, but a rewarding one.

That’s why I’m excited to get my second article published. It’s a good excuse to get me writing in a way that is different from the way I write on my blog.

Do you guys contribute to any sites like Lifehack? Do you want to?


Oh Boy! A New Page!

I’ve finally gotten off of my lazy blogging butt (or fingers?) and created a new page for! Huzzah!

If you’ll kindly scroll up, you’ll see a new web page called “Blogroll”. Go ahead, give it a click. I know you’ll like it. You’ll find an ever-growing list of blogs and websites that I love and why I love them.

As a blogger, it’s my responsibility to help you run out of webpages to visit. If you’re goal is to run out of internet to view, I am your enabler.


Cosmopolitan Retweeted Me Today!

*cue feeling famous for a few seconds*

So, I’m pretty psyched that Cosmopolitan magazine retweeted me today. If you’re curious as to what my tweet was, fear not, I’ll tell you. I just have to explain it first.

It was reported through multiple media outlets earlier this week that former Rebupblican Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee said the following in response to the “anti-Republican War on Women narrative”:

Our party stands for the recognition of the equality of women and the capacity of women. That’s not a war on them. It’s a war for them. And if the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control, because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it.

Huckabee went on to say that women across America feel insulted and “outraged” when the Democratic Party makes them out to be nothing more than “victims of their gender”. Click here to see the full article.

Well, this has angered a few folks.

Women and men across the country are balking at Huckabee, in part because his rant makes him seem as though women are uncontrollable sex-beasts whose only purpose is to have sex for conceiving; maybe even that women should not be able to choose to put off or avoid pregnancy when possible.

In response, #CantControlMyLibido has been trending on twitter by users who wish to show the ridiculousness of Huckabee’s comments. I decided to speak out on my twitter page today, using this hashtag. Here’s my tweet in response to the Huckabee controversy that got retweet by @Cosmopolitan today:

Where do you stand on what Huckabee said? Have you ever been retweeted by a famous twitter handle? Comment below!