Another Lifehack Article Posted Today

I had my second article published today, with a second one to come in a few weeks. 🙂

For those of you who don’t know what Lifehack is, it’s a website with a handful of contributors like myself who apply, submit writing samples, and have to be accepted by their staff in order to write for them. Their articles are tips, tricks, and how-tos (lifehacks) that aim to make life as frictionless as possible.

Once you’re a contributor, you must submit your article pitch, have it accepted, write the article while meeting a host of article standards, submit it for review, have a lifehack editor send it back with suggestions, then edit and publish it. Whew, it’s a small process, but a rewarding one.

That’s why I’m excited to get my second article published. It’s a good excuse to get me writing in a way that is different from the way I write on my blog.

Do you guys contribute to any sites like Lifehack? Do you want to?



Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Hey everyone!

Regardless of whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone, solo, or not at all, I have this finely curated GIF for you:


See? Robert Downey Jr <3’s you. Now don’t forget to show yourself some love today (Don’t take that the wrong way).


New Blog Layout! You Like?


That pretty much sums up my feelings on my blog redesign. It really couldn’t have come sooner. I was way past tired of the old, disjointed, nearly juvenile design of yesterday (Literally. The new design went live yesterday).

With the new year comes a newer, streamlined, more…well, ME sort of webpage. Hooray!

So now you can appreciate my stellar writing AND this spiffy new layout. You’re welcome. 😉


P.S. Please bear with me as I fiddle with the sidebar you see over here. ->

Black Friday/Cyber Monday- Swagbucks Codes Galore!

Swag Code Alert

Hi guys! Welcome to my grandly titled post. It is a bit of a long title, right? But I just needed to get all of that information in there.

Anyhow, down to business. As I’m sure you are very well aware, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are nearly upon us. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t feel like braving the crowds in the crazy cold, snowy, bipolar weather we are having in Pennsylvania, so I’m going to be doing my shopping from the warm, comfy haven that is my bed. In my pjs. Watching Family Guy. With hot cocoa. It’s how it should be done, really.

And, as you guys are also well aware of, I love using Swagbucks. If you need a refresher on what it is, click here to view my first post about it. Swagbucks is offering TRIPLE the normal amount of Swagbucks per dollar spent at all of their Shop & Earn partners on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday! Get Swagbucks back for all of the holiday shopping you’d do anyway to redeem for gift cards. Sounds good to me.

Swagbucks is offering a slew of Swagcodes on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can get an extra 50 SBs worth of codes on Friday and an extra 60 SBs worth on Monday. That’s a really decent ways toward your next giftcard.

I mean, if you’re gonna be online shopping anyway, why not get rewarded for it?

I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda psyched for all of this. Good deals, bonus Swagcodes, and triple SBs per dollar spent? I’m SO there. You guys should totally take advantage of this!  It doesn’t happen everyday!

If you’re not already using Swagbucks, what’s stopping you? Click here to sign up using my referral code, otherwise, just pop on over to!

Happy Shopping!


Holy Hiatus Batman!!

   So I dusted the cobwebs off my poor, lonely, neglected laptop and hopped on over to for the first time in a while and realized, “Dang, I haven’t really been here in a while have I?” Yeesh… Sorry about that, guys!

   So, you might be wondering why, exactly, I took an unannounced hiatus from mid-August to now. Here’s a run-down of my reasons why I had to shift my attention elsewhere (regrettably enough) for the past 2 months:

  • I moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia.
  • I transferred schools and started classes at my new university.
  • I had the flu and bronchitis concurrently (it REALLY sucked).
  • It’s believed that my asthma may have been a contributing factor to my slow recovery (it took about 4-5 weeks to fully heal) so I have been gingerly starting a cardio regimen of sorts to cope with my asthma.
  • The house I have been staying at has been under construction for the past 5 or so weeks for a bathroom addition.
  • The first few weeks I have been down in Virginia, I was taking the Washington D.C. metro to school. It was at least 3 hours round-trip each day. It was a total time suck.
  • I returned to Pennsylvania one weekend and drove my car down. Now it’s only a half hour each way to commute to school.
  • I was in an auto accident. I was commuting home and was rear-ended by someone who wasn’t paying attention. My car is okay. It’s an older model and the bumper was already ugly anyway.
  • I had neck and upper back pain and stiffness for a few days because of the accident.


   And there you have it! Insight into my life for the past 2 months. It’s been an interesting mix of victories (exciting new school, new friends, new bathroom) and not-so-victorious moments (illness, asthma, car accident, long commute). But I’m back now and I’ve got a lot to talk about.


FlatBrokeCoed Has Been Nominated!

My blog was nominated for 3 awards by Colleen at BrokeForBeauty! I’ve loved her blog from the moment I found it. She’s all about thoughtful reviews about beauty products and even often features budget finds and drugstore dupes.

The awards are:

The One Lovely Blog Award

The Shine On Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

The rules for each are to mention the blogger who nominated you, list seven things about you, and then nominate 7 other blogs for the award. I’ll list my 7 nominations at the end of the post! Now on to the factoids!

One Lovely Blog

  1. I am the youngest of two children.
  2. I have an older brother named Andrew (Drew for short).
  3. I have a 7 year old mini Dachshund named Wally. I took him on at just under a year old from a neighbor who could no longer keep him. I was 15 at the time and he’s been my best buddy ever since.
  4. I’m a Nursing (RN) major. I plan to go on to get my Master’s degree and become a nurse practitioner in women’s health.
  5. My favorite color is purple.
  6. My first car was a 1997 Geo Metro LS in White. Google it. It’s adorable. Her name was Betty White.
  7. I love AEO jeans with stretch because they feel like pajamas.

Shine On Award

  1. I used to be a part of the local Tri-County Swim League. Our swim club was the smallest in the bunch. We almost never won, be we made up for it in spirit! (That should say how little we won).
  2. I have had a job of one sort or another since I was 10. I’d like to think I have a good work ethic because of it.
  3. I only made a twitter account just over a month ago. I’m technologically slow to catch up for a 20-something.
  4. Pinterest is my biggest time-suck. I can’t just browse. I have to pin 5,000 things in one sitting.
  5. I love Dr. Who, Supernatural, Falling Skies, New Girl, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Under the Dome, Glee, and the news (I’m a news dork).
  6. I bought a vintage 1940s style brocade and velvet boudoir chair at a vintage furniture shop near my house at age 15. It is my love and my first big purchase.
  7. Doing dishes is not my least favorite chore, like most people would guess. I hate taking out the trash.

The Versatile Blogger

  1. I took psychology and criminal justice classes in high school because I was certain I wanted to be a criminal psychologist.
  2. I have had major weight-loss in my lifetime. I dropped 40 lbs and have kept it off since my sophomore year in high school.
  3. I used to hate girly things all through my junior year of high school. I would prefer riding around the neighborhood on my bike and getting dirty and sweaty to dresses and nail polish. But I’m wearing a pink t-shirt as I type this and am going to re-do my nails when I post this.
  4. I (and everyone else who does it) find yoga incredibly relaxing. It’s my new favorite activity. I could be in the midst of finals induced madness and a single yoga session would wipe it all away. It’s truly amazing.
  5. I’m happy to be more of a friend to my parents than a child. I’m 21 and they are 42 and 43. We’re not really all that far off in maturity, ethics, or responsibility.
  6. I can’t have bagels in the house. I’ll demolish them.
  7. I can’t dance, at least not well. And I don’t care.

Whew. It was interesting trying to come up with 21 facts about myself. I hope you have a better picture of who I am now.

Now on to my nomination picks!

Our Thrifty Ideas is an awesome Play at Home Mom Thrift/DIY/Recipe blog. I love her newspaper pumpkin idea! It’s great for Halloween or all-year decor.

A Thought and a Half is a blog penned by my high school friend Kate. I love her posts on Apartment Cooking. I’m sure we can all relate.

Bucktown Bar Blog is an awesome, picture-loaded bar review blog written by another high school friend Hannah. I may be biased because she reviews bars that I go to and love.

A Pretty Penny is another WordPress website like my own that I love and look up to. It’s all about her obsession with beauty, fashion, and her flower shop.

Redesigned by M is yet another fabulous, DIY-centric WordPress blog. It’s loaded with DIYs running the gamut from clothing to IKEA hacks.

Adventures of Squirrel is an amazing inspirational and motivational blog written by a man in college. He’s wise beyond his years.

Cha-Ching on a Shoestring is a savings blog I’ve been following for years. It’s been featured on my local ABC affiliate, MSN, and the Huffington Post!

Thanks again to Colleen from BrokeforBeauty for the nomination!

Welcome (To Both You and Me)

How about I start with a little about myself:

I’m an early 20-something about to move to a big city and finish off my Bachelor’s Degree at a renowned national university (hooray for me).

I also happen to be flat broke.

This blog will be a place I share tips and tricks on how not to lose your mind over money in college. Obviously part of most people’s college experience is money-centric, but I am striving to alleviate some of the stress that comes with it.

My goal is to not have to entertain a job while in school. I want to dedicate the bulk of my time and effort to achieving good grades, but I still need to bring some money in.

I’ll look at ways to bring in some cash to help with everyday expenses that aren’t hard and that don’t require a huge time commitment, balanced with college lifestyle ideas.

Here’s to all other young, marvelous, and broke college kids!