Spring Break Wish List

I keep seeing advertisements, mostly for clothing companies, touting sunny beaches, fruity cocktails (mmm Malibu Bay Breeze), swimsuits, and a whole boatload of greenery. It’s so cruel.

These companies are sending a small army of models to have fun in Turks and Caicos or St. Barth’s or some other beautifully sunny locale while I’m stuck inside, shivering and cursing the 10 inches of snow that’s about to dump on the Washington D.C. area tomorrow.

My spring break is little more than a week away, and it surely won’t be warm, let alone sunny. I certainly don’t have the funds to travel somewhere fun and splash around in a pool. But a girl can dream, can’t she? The answer is yes, by the way. That’s what this list is for:

1) A couple’s vacation to Turks and Caicos.

beaches.com picture

With the boyfriend being kept perpetually busy with an enormous mountain of paperwork, assignments, studying, and clinicals, we don’t get to spend much couple time together. Oh, how much fun it would be for us to go to an 18 years and up resort to just lounge on the beach! We would have a fun drink in hand at all times and would take regular sea-frolics, with lounging being so strenuous and all.

2) A beautiful pool to go splish-splash in.

cancuncanuck.com picture

I lived in the pool as a child. My family belonged to a higher-end swim club withing walking distance when I was in elementary school. That meant countless days playing and practicing for the Tri-County competitive swim league. I haven’t had access to a pool in years and I miss it badly. It would be such a treat to be able to swim and swan dive off of a diving board into a beautiful pool. You know, the kind with a bar and a hot tub near by. The kind without wee tiny kids. Just mature people with mature beverages. (mmm gin and tonic)

3) San Francisco!

tripadvisor.com picture

While nobody would argue that San Francisco is a tropical locale, it would still be a lovely place to visit in the springtime! The culinary scene is quirky and amazing. You could ride Route 1 up the coast to Wine Country (are we sensing an alcohol theme yet?) for a scenic day trip. You could visit the famous Fisherman’s Wharf or Alcatraz (I almost just typed “Azkaban”) or Ghirardelli Square! I would be pretty happy spending my spring break here.


I hope someone reading this will leave a comment below about their spring break plans so I can live through them. Please.