Crazy Week- Check In

*cricket* *cricket*

ECHO! Echo! echo!

What the above jokes are trying to tell you is that I have not posted in 10 days. I’m not going to start this post out with awkward apologies. I will say, though, that we can all thank a new part time job, a snow day, and my car’s rapid approach to death for the gap. In short, it has been a crazy week. I’m sure you all are familiar with that kind.

Thankfully, after a week of the new job under my belt, I have a better handle on how to manage my time. My father was also kind enough to drive from Pennsylvania to Virginia to bring my newer car (purchased with my money, by the way. I’m no freeloader) and drive my old one back.

As for snow days, it looks like the D.C. area might get some snow this week. That’s outrageous. It’s officially spring now.

Anyhow, I felt that I should touch upon the gap in posts before I get back into more nitty-gritty type of stuff.

Fret not, child. Cuz Courtney’s back.