58 Ways to Entertain Yourself At Home or In Your Dorm

This list is inspired by days when you’re cooped up in the house, like the day I’ll likely have tomorrow when class is cancelled by Winter Storm Pax.


I just HAD to use a Supernatural GIF

  1. Read a new book.
  2. Reread an old book.
  3. Watch YouTube tutorials.
  4. Watch YouTube animal videos.
  5. Watch music videos on YouTube or on Vevo.
  6. Watch something on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.
  7. Watch old DVDs you have around the house.
  8. Exercise
  9. Play music and host a rockin’ one person dance party.
  10. Write reviews for your Amazon purchases (it’s oddly addictive).
  11. Write a poem.
  12. Create a blog (Hi!).
  13. Draw, if you’re artistically inclined.
  14. Take a bubble bath or therapeutic Epsom salt bath.
  15. Skype or FaceTime with someone you don’t normally see.
  16. Start an Instagram or Twitter account for your pet.
  17. Make a toy/treat for your pet and feed/play with them.
  18. Turn to Pinterest for upcycling ideas for everyday household items.
  19. Turn to Pinterest for fun DIY/craft ideas.
  20. Make a new Pinterest pinboard and PIN ALL THE THINGS.
  21. Dust off the ol’ 52 card deck and play Go Fish, Spoons, War, etc.
  22. Start writing that novel!
  23. Learn how to Photoshop pictures with tons of free online tutorials. (Google them!)
  24. Explore your phone’s or tablet’s app store and take advantage of interesting free apps.
  25. Try out a new cocktail recipe!
  26. Bake cookies!
  27. Make your own nut butter.
  28. Make your own pesto.
  29. Play your favorite video game.
  30. Find fun, new, interesting, or healthy recipes online and bookmark them for later.
  31. Organize the items in your beauty routine (I’m talking ‘bout those bottles under your sink).
  32. Make a collage with magazines and newspapers lying around the house.
  33. Post restaurant reviews on Yelp.
  34. Give yourself a facial or other skin care treatment (Hello, pore strips!)
  35. Write and post a fan fiction piece (Hey, it doesn’t have to be dirty. But that’s cool if it is).
  36. If you know an instrument, play it.
  37. Take pictures in and around your house.
  38. Take a nap.
  39. Do or get ahead on your homework. I can hear people laughing at this suggestion as I type it.
  40. Have a naked party. Seriously, if you’re alone, it may be fun. Get to know yourself.
  41. Break out your labeler and go nuts labeling things.
  42. Give yourself a manicure or a pedicure. Cuticles, trimming, buffing, soaking. The whole nine yards.
  43. Make a sock puppet.
  44. Go window shopping online.
  45. Call or text your friends.
  46. Have a “Most Ridiculous Snapchat” contest with your friends.
  47. Find a new computer desktop picture.
  48. Brew and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.
  49. Do one of those newspaper crosswords or sudokus.
  50. Research and start a new hobby. Coding, anyone?
  51. Do something positive financially, like open an online savings account, or a Mint account.
  52. Run diagnostic, cleanup, and maintenance tasks on your computer.
  53. Clean fingerprints and dust off of your tv, computers, phones, tablets, etc.
  54. Do some laundry. We all know you probably ought to.
  55. Collect nonperishable foods and clothes you no longer want for donation.
  56. Meditate.
  57. Take online quizzes. Because we all need to know which Sailor Moon character we are.
  58. Take online surveys for rewards. Swagbucks is a great place to do so.

Here’s just a small list to get you started. Is there anything interesting you like to do to entertain yourself at home? Tell me about it below!

‘Til Next Time…Stay Entertained, Interwebs!